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Note to Self

July 10, 2009

It’s that time again!  Some things to remember…

  • When packing for your move, lift with your legs.  And don’t lift a bag with two bowling balls in it with your arms or your legs.  That’s what The Husband is for.
  • The Husband is also good for other things.  Even buying feminine products.  And giving you a good laugh when he calls from the warehouse store to ask, “Regular? Overnight? Ultra thin? With wings or without?” 
  • The Husband is also good for introducing you to television shows that you might not have watched otherwise.  You even started watching Lost because of him.  And now Burn Notice.
  • Try really hard to not start every sentence with, When you’re a spy…
  • Maybe start with, When you’re a Southern Baptist stay-at-home mom…
  • That’s not as sexy.
  • Speaking of sexy, don’t forget to bring the chocolate eclair cake to the get-together tomorrow.  Why is that sexy?  Because you were told it’s called Better Than Sex cake.  It isn’t though, and it’s kind of sad that someone thought it was.  But whoever named it wasn’t married to The Husband either.
  • You mentioned “your move” in the first note to yourself, and you haven’t mentioned yet that you found a house in your blog.
  • YOU FOUND A HOUSE! YOU FOUND A HOUSE!  *cabbage patch* *white girl two step*
  • Stop watching Music and Lyrics.  Stop it now.  It is so painful that even the Darvocet isn’t helping.
  • YOU FOUND A HOUSE! YOU FOUND A HOUSE!  *cabbage patch * *white girl two step*
  • Actually, God found the house.  Or maybe God had the house the whole time and was just waiting for you to wise up and join Him where He was working.  DUH!
  • Maybe now you can stop stressing, and maybe you won’t see any more grays.  Maybe.  But Oil of Olay’s website still recommends the need for skin rehabilitation using an intensive 3-phase treatment.  Stop crying.
  • Wait, keep crying.  Facebook thought an ad for Tummy Tuck Jeans would be appropriate for you.  Keep marking that one offensive.
  • YOU FOUND A HOUSE! YOU FOUND A HOUSE!  *cabbage patch * *white girl two step*
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  1. Debbie Parks permalink
    July 11, 2009 6:29 am

    Your blog always puts a smile on my face!! You certainly have a gift for writing expressively. Especially the “cabbage patch” “white girl two step”!!!

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