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June 10, 2009

This Prius commercial gives me a creeps, because the little waving hands make me think of munchkins, which make me think of these, which make me think of Oompa Loompas.  The Husband thinks this is hilarious.  Every time the commercial comes on, he says, “Hey, it’s your favorite commercial!”  And every time, I look.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw this.  I believe my exact words were, “Oh no they di-n’t!!”  Interestingly enough, I had just switched back to using a Gillette razor.  That made me happy.  Because that commercial makes me uncomfortable.

This makes me laugh every time.  Except I don’t think the catch phrase at the end is very good — “… it’s breakfast, not brokefast.”  I wonder if they were up late working on that one.  Or maybe they came up with that one first and someone said, “Well, if we can’t come up with anything else…”  And then they couldn’t come up with anything else.

I love this.  And thisThis one too.

I dare you to watch this.

And now, back to the show!

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  1. soundsliketomatoes permalink
    June 10, 2009 4:39 pm

    I dared to watch it. I thought it was ok, except for that guy in the yellow shirt. He hurt my eyes just a little. And my ears, especially when he rapped.

    That ABC one about the island HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!

  2. Carrie Mace permalink
    June 11, 2009 1:43 pm

    ok, so I haven’t seen any of these!
    The quatro one – that’s just wrong, ALL the ABC House one’s! and the jumparound’s?….ugh, annoying.
    Thanks for bringing me up to speed on the latest commercials! 🙂

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