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My Mind is Mush

April 25, 2009

So last Friday I had surgery, and hopefully the medical mystery that began last fall has been solved and I can go back to living without giving much thought to my ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, etc.  A comedienne said once, “They don’t bother me, and I don’t bother them.”  That’s the way it ought to be.

It was a pretty simple procedure, so my recuperation wasn’t lengthy.  For the better part of the entire weekend, though, I was in my bedroom laying awkwardly propped up on pillows.  For the procedure they have to fill you up with gas while they’re looking around, and that gas gets trapped, and it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever.  Not horribly painful, but definitely unpleasant.  So I squirmed around for a good twenty minutes before I found a position that would bring the least discomfort.  Thankfully, I could see the TV in the room and close my eyes and sleep in said position — SCORE!  Although, considering how out of it I was thanks to the remnants of anesthesia, I’m pretty sure I could’ve slept no matter what.

Anyway, last weekend The Husband kept The Girls entertained, and I positioned myself on three to four pillows and either slept or watched TV.  We have cable in our room, but not with the box, so I had only 70-ish channels to choose from rather than hundreds.  THE HORROR!  (I’m just kidding — even with the box in the living room, often times there is just NOTHING ON.)

I got to do some serious channel surfing.  No Noggin.  No ESPN.  No Playhouse Disney.  No…  ESPN. 

WAY too much E! and VH1 though.  That is why my mind is mush.  And even after I was up and around, some pointless thoughts still lingered in the soup my brain had become…

  • I can’t believe Bret picked Taya.
  • If Susan Boyle wants to dye her hair, get her eyebrows waxed and wear a Burberry scarf, let her!
  • I feel kind of sorry for whoever won Miss USA since Miss California got all the press.  (God forbid someone should be honest and forthright in the face of obvious bias and opposition.)
  •  Steve Ward is awesome.
  • If Levi Johnston wanted people to take him seriously, maybe he should’ve gone on Larry King before Tyra.
  • I hope Chris doesn’t want to go see the new Star Trek movie.
  • I hope Chris does want to go see the new Hugh Jackman X-Men movie.
  • I can’t believe Mel Gibson didn’t have a prenup.
  • Everyone seems to dig Dave Ramsey

I did watch a little bit of The History Channel at some point.  Unfortunately, I can’t even remember what it was I watched.  Maybe I should just leave the TV on that channel while I’m cleaning later and clear my head…

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  1. April 25, 2009 11:09 am

    It just boggles my mind that you will watch Rock of Love but refuse to watch Office…yeah…I can’t seem to let this go.

    Despite that, glad you’re feeling better! Yeah that gas thing, that was the worst part of the c-sections…trapped air is BAD air!!

  2. Robin permalink
    April 27, 2009 7:21 pm

    dude. whoever the girl that didn’t get picked was??? she was ticked! did you see her face staring at the lovely couple!!!! brett had better be lockin his doors!

    i think levi is a press whore and i say “you go bristol!”

    mel and the prenup??? it sounds to me like he has been bi polar for years and i would probably be sick of him too if i was his wife. i hope she gets most of it.

    i can’t wait for x-men, but i will wait forever to see the new star trek. it looks supa dumb.

    please realize that i have never personally met any of these people and that my opinions are just based on vh1 television shows and E!

  3. tchendo permalink
    May 7, 2009 9:26 am

    Hello – I’m in for a laparoscopy tomorrow so will be armed with extra pillows on your suggestion!

    Love your style of writing.

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