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Let me refer you…

March 18, 2009

To my favorite American Idol blog.  The Harpoonist.  She cracks me up every time, I like her style.


I know I’ve already mentioned this before, but even if you don’t want to hear it agan, I do.

The Husband and I are house hunting.  I have house hunted before.

This is SO different.

Before, I looked for a house.  Just a house, a place to live. 

Now, we are looking for our future.  Imagining The Girls as teens in 11×11 rooms.  Picturing family gatherings, Sunday school socials.  Wondering which spot in the yard the dog will pick to poop.

This is how it’s supposed to be.

While I still strongly believe that I didn’t have to go through what I did to get to where I am, I do wonder how appreciative I would be of doing this with The Husband if I had nothing to compare it to…

/end shallow ponderings

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