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I Think I Was Nikki

January 27, 2009

I’d love to think that I was Melissa.  Or maybe Molly.   They are impossibly cute, fun-loving and can be a little emotional without being overwhelming.

Alas, when I was single, I was probably Nikki.  (Oh my gosh, she is even listed as an administrative assistant!)

Not in every way.  I definitely had more than one boyfriend by the time I was 29.  (But, no, I did not date all the men in my hometown, as some like to say.)  I wasn’t ever as guarded as she appeared to be.  I would’ve probably blurted out too much too soon.

Kinda like Shannon, but I wouldn’t have been blurting out the facts I knew about Jason.  Holy carp.  (Not a typo, I may start doing that all the time.  It makes me laugh.)  She came off like a totally obsessed fan from the start.  I’m all about doing your research, but really, you’re supposed to take what you know and apply it more naturally.  Like, you find out he’s got a new niece or nephew?  You ask, “So does Ty have any little cousins to play with yet?”  And then Jason is all, “Yeah!  He does, he loves playing with them!”  And then you turn your head, listen intently and smile.  Nod some.  The idea is to use what you know to get him talking about what he likes.  Then you don’t have to pretend to know what you’re talking about all the time (sports, computers, cars, etc.), you just guide the conversation to something you know he’s into.  Hopefully Shannon the Dental Hygienist and her blinding smile will have learned something from this experience.  You do not take everything you’ve learned and dump it on him in the first five minutes you have alone with him.

ANYWAY.  Nikki.  Oh, so very serious.  And oh, so very interested in being married.  Having babies.

That.  That’s the part that was me.  It wasn’t about the who, it was about the what.   Wanting to be a wife, a mother, wanting to just be married. 

Ugh, it makes me sick to think about it. 

Nikki is very attractive, seems to be very intelligent, she probably has a lot of things going for her.  But as long as she’s focusing on just finding a husband, any husband, and settling down, she’s going to miss a lot along the way.  Or she’ll end up settling.  I know a thing or two about settling.

Is it just me or was tonight’s episode more painful than usual to watch?  The drah-ma at the “after party”?  The tension on the date with Stephanie and Nikki?

The Rose Ceremony was probably the best I’ve ever seen, though.  Get rid of Naomi and we’ve got ourselves a real competition!

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  1. Jen permalink
    January 28, 2009 5:31 pm

    Yeah, talk about tension. The after party was very awkward..I felt like I had tension just watching it. hmm…. So Nikki was not my favorite, sorry. I do like Melissa and definitely Molly… my favs so far.
    I’d have to say Stephanie gives me the creeps. I’m very sad that she is still here. I mean, they SERIOUSLY look like mother and son when they are together. (gagging…)

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