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Stupid accountability…

December 8, 2008

I had to go and write about women/moms needing to take care of themselves, didn’t I?  And instead of that being an encouragement for others to go out and head to their doctors, it just served as a big ol’ slice of accountability for me.

Believe it or not, I am still going to the doctor to have things checked out after that little scare I had a while back.  Nothing big, just making sure everything is looking normal.  I hadn’t been in a lot of pain (yay for that!), but there was something I thought I might ask the doctor about.  Even though I already had an appointment scheduled for next week, I figured I’d call just to be safe.  I explained what was going on, was put on hold, then the kind woman got back on the line and asked, “Can you come in tomorrow morning?”

Le sigh.

Here’s something that irks me once in a while.  If I worked outside of the home, going to the doctor wouldn’t be an issue.  The kids would already be taken care of, it would just be a matter of taking off of work.  That’s something I never had a problem with.  If I had to go to the doctor, I had to go to the doctor, and I didn’t give much pause as to what my employers or co-workers thought of that.  But when you stay at home, there’s a bit of juggling to do.  That’s why at-home moms need to stay healthy.  God knows this is my prayer, obviously this whole thing is one big teachable moment that I will be thankful for one day.  That’s the beauty of trials in your life when you’re following God — you know there’s meaning behind them.  It’s that whole waiting to realize the meaning that gets to me.

Anyway… When I realized that my childcare options were running slim, I made a quick call back to the doctor’s office to ask if they absolutely needed me tomorrow morning.  I was speaking to the same sweet woman I had earlier, and she put me on hold again.  She returned and told me yes, because of the issue I’d called about and because of the ultrasound results which she couldn’t discuss with me over the phone.  Argh.  She said I could bring my darling child with me, and I laughed until I cried and told her that was okay.  (Li’l Bit doesn’t take kindly to doctors poking at her Mommy, and we learned that the hard way.)

So I did find a very kind friend (one of the many I have — I do realize where I am blessed) to watch the little one, and off I will go to my appointment.  To be poked, prodded, and talked to about parts of my insides that I’d rather not concern myself with more than once a year.

All this, and as a bonus, The Husband is having surgery next week.  Excellent!

Ooh wait, maybe this means we both get to play nurse…

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