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November 24, 2008

I didn’t know her well.  My memories of her are a young and incredibly cheerful college student, always smiling, always laughing.  She was an adorable girl, with a precious Southern accent.  She was sweet, and she was fun. 

Even though I didn’t know her well, my heart is breaking for her family and her friends.  Not only having to deal with the loss of this beautiful person, but with such tragic circumstances.  I’m a parent.  There is no way to wrap my mind around what they must be feeling.  I have a younger sister, and the thought of losing her takes my breath away.

I know her friends are heartbroken and shaken. 

And there’s a classroom full of second-graders struggling to understand life and death now, as the teacher who I can only imagine gave them an incredible amount of love was taken from them. 

May God be with the family as they have to endure not only the loss of their precious girl, but the pain of dealing with the circumstances surrounding her death.

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  1. fivemoreminutesplease permalink
    November 24, 2008 3:26 pm

    She was the type of person that you can never forget. I still can not believe she is gone. Her mom and dad must be sick. I wish I could do something for her family…I really hate this. She was so young. It is like I am watching it on television or something.

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