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Bloggers do it for the comments.

October 30, 2008

Yes, another flair.  And, like a considerable amount of flair, so true!

This must mean you like me...

This must mean you like me...


Kearsie gave me this award after she received it (in the same week that one of her posts reached #1 on Facebook’s blog network), but there are strings attached in order for me to accept the honor.  I have to tell you, the readers, six random facts about myself (which is good, since I don’t think I ever finished my 100) and then tag six unsuspecting fellow bloggers.


1.  I don’t like the number six.  It’s amazing I’m following through with this post with as much as I dislike the number six.  I don’t know what I have against the number other than that three of them together make the number of the beast.  That has an actual phobia, you know, fear of the number six hundred sixty-six — hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.  Say that six times fast.  Don’t really, because if you do, you will have sixty-six years bad juju.  Not six hundred sixty-six, because you won’t live that long.  Or maybe you will, and that is the bad juju.


2.  I don’t collect anything, and for a long time I felt like there was some kind of a void in my life because of that.  I had nothing where I lived that showed I had an interest in one particular thing.  No figures.  No coins.  No stamps.  No commerorative plates.  I do like Willow Tree figures, but I can’t just get them to have them.  I want them to mean something — the ones I have relate to specific times or events in my life.  Also, I don’t like buying them for myself.  I keep waiting for The Husband to buy me one of them because he saw one and it reminded him of me.  But that would mean he’d have to be in a place that sold them, and he doesn’t frequent Hallmark or the store inside of Cracker Barrell.  It would also mean he’d have to look at them for longer than a nanosecond.


3.  I like Celtic Thunder.  (No one said it had to be new information.  Plus, that was pretty random.  Except that it was me, saying something about Celtic Thunder.  Maybe not so random.  Can I keep the award?)


4.  I have been wondering if my words per day quota is met by IMing and e-mailing.  The elusive “they” say that women usually say 20,000 words a day, men say 7,000.  So if in fact the internet is allowing me to use more of my words, then The Husband should be darn grateful I spend so much time online.  It means I’m more available to listen to him and tend to his needs.  WOW.  That is the coolest rationalization EVER.


5.  I cannot sew a button back on an item of clothing.  Nor can I mend any stuffed animals that are injured in battle in this home.  When I was in 7th grade I took home economics, and when we had to sew a button, I had a guy in the class do it for me.  I considered it some kind of victory for feminism.  Now I have a very sweet and kind mother-in-law and friends who I suppose are kind of enabling me, because they sew things back on or back together for me. 


6.  You do not have any idea how hard it was for me to not leave this one blank.


Okay, six bloggers to tag…


1.  The Funny Sister.  Two posts to her blog, and already she’s receiving an award.  She’s not just any funny sister, she is the funny sister, and she’s all mine. 


2.  Mommy’s Heart.  Because she writes just how she talks, and as I read I can hear her incredibly adorable southern accent in my head.


3.  I’m Just Sayin’.  I want her to write more, I’m just sayin’.  And even though she just did something like this, I thought she deserved an award.


4.  Lovely Little Lovelies.  She makes amazing things.  She’s smart.  She writes.  She likes me even though I’m a Republican.


5.  The Sneaky Ninja Writer.  She’s an inspiration to me. 


6.  And, finally, WendiWinn {she likes stuff}.  I love reading her, and I love to engage in peer pressure.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. October 30, 2008 4:49 pm

    dude. i was not unsuspecting. i *so* suspected. i am a suspectionalitist.

    blanket tag post:


  2. October 31, 2008 1:51 am

    If you like Celtic Thunder, you have GOOD TASTE. I like your link to their song — it’s good. But then all of their songs are. Check out my Knol (website listed above.)

  3. November 1, 2008 12:56 am

    here you go, ma’am.

  4. November 3, 2008 12:00 pm

    i’ve never been tagged before. i feel special. what do i do? thanks, friend!

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