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Tie A Ribbon

October 5, 2008


For future reference, March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  Not that most of you reading this will need to be especially concerned with that area, but just in case.  Pay attention.  We’ve gone through this before.  Colon cancer is one of the most easily prevented cancers.  No excuses.  Have symptoms?  GO TO THE DOCTOR.  Do you have a friend or family member that needs to be checked out?  Give them a ride!  Heck, offer to have a colonoscopy with them, it’s great fun!  What a bonding experience that would be…  Just make sure you prep in two different places.  Or at least have two bathrooms.  Yikes.  (I read that the alternate color for colon cancer is brown.  That’s just wrong.)





What do you know, my initial scary appointment with my doctor was on the final day of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!  This is also something that may not be top on the list of concerns for young women (which I think the majority of my readers probably are), however it is very difficult to detect so it is important to keep up-to-date on your visits to the gynecologist.  Please.  Even if we’re too young to really be worried about it, it’s a good habit to get into!  Are you a mom?  Your health matters to those kids.  You’re never too busy for good health, and to be a good example.  (I’ll be done beating this dead horse soon, I promise.)  Check out the list of symptoms.  Read them, tuck them away in your brain, and just be aware.




Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  How can you miss it?  You can buy a pink toaster to support the cause!  You can even head to 7-11 and get a pink ribbon donut!  Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in American women.  Early diagnosis has improved dramatically, but we have to do our part too, ladies.  That’s right, that means feel your boobies.  Don’t wait for that annual visit (especially if you’re already not going regularly).  Don’t wait until you’re old enough to have mammograms.  JUST DO IT.  They’re right there.  Your husband can help if you want!  (Did you hear that guys?  Next time she doesn’t let you cop a feel, tell her you’re doing it for her health!  Score!)  The thing is, if you do these breast self-exams regularly, you’ll get to know the girls a little better and you’ll recognize when things just aren’t right.  Doesn’t that make sense?


There’s only one you.  TAKE CARE!

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  1. October 6, 2008 4:24 pm

    dude. post a picture of the brown ribbon.

    and yes on the pink – we should all get to 2nd base every month.

  2. Katrina Marie permalink
    October 9, 2008 1:40 pm

    I was mortified when I saw the brown ribbon. MORTIFIED. We don’t need the ribbons to be so… literal, you know? Eww. And you know I’m not easily offended.

    I’m proud to say I’ll be on the receiving end of a doctor’s finger soon. You’ve scared me enough. Next Wednesday! Fun times! I’m going to throw a celebratory gala in honor of this event. And no, I will not be using brown decorations…

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