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Know Thy Limits

September 24, 2008

I was finally able to check out Shopaholic and Baby from the library.  I hadn’t even made it to the fourth chapter and I’d set the book down at least three times.  I get so frustrated with the main character in those books.  She keeps things from her husband, she always thinks she’s a natural at whatever task she’s decided to temporarily pick up, and she’s just plain oblivious to how her selfishness affects others.  She never really has to learn, either.  It makes me want to continuously beat my head into the nearest hard surface.

Given that I find myself so reactive to a fictional character, is it any wonder that I dare not pick up Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight?  My first introduction to the book was on Facebook, through flair.  Holy cow.  I had to look up Edward Cullen so I’d be able to understand what all the references were to, and why no one was to be bothered on August 2, 2008.  There’s even a website for moms who admit a (perhaps) tongue-in-cheek addiction to the novels.  The movie based on the first book is coming out by the end of this year.  Ohhh, the anticipation.

Well, first of all, I have a tiny dislike for all things undead.  Secondly, from everything I have read, this Edward Cullen is the stuff of daydreams and late night fantasies.  I typed in “What’s so special about Edward Cullen?” and found this response: “Everything. He’s mysterious, beautiful, caring, selfless and so many things more. He’s just awesome. Read the book and you’ll understand.” 

To put it simply, I don’t want to understand.  I’m weak of mind, people.  I am probably one of those people who will forget that this is a fictional character developed by a woman.  By a woman who based this off of a dream.  It’s not even like she knew a man like this in real life.  She couldn’t anyway — perfection does not exist.  (I could’ve said especially in men, but I refrained.)  And I know that, and it isn’t fair to The Husband for me to compare him to a beautiful, caring, sparkling, selfless fictional character.

I try not to compare him to other men in general.  I mean, I sure as heck don’t want him doing that to me, right?  I don’t cook all that often, I am not an amazing housekeeper, and I can be downright moody.  But you know what?  He looks for the good and when he finds it, he hangs on to it.  THANK GOD!  I’m sure if I wanted to or he wanted to, we could look among our friends and notice the qualities that we’re each lacking.  We could focus on that, we could want that for ourselves, we could spend more time around them. 

We could get into a LOT of trouble too.

So I choose to notice positive characteristics in others, maybe even those that The Husband doesn’t possess (few and far though they may be, because he’s absofreakinglutely amazing), and then I remind myself that nobody’s perfect and all those positives come with negatives as well.  The grass isn’t always greener.  And if it is, what did Erma Bombeck say?  It’s probably over the septic tank.  Meaning there’s a bunch of crap lying there somewhere.  (Okay, maybe she didn’t use those exact words.)  Anyway, it’s not worth it. 

I like my own dream world, thankyouverymuch.  I plan to stay here for quite a while.  I think everyone can live their own dream.  (Cheesy, yes.  True nonetheless.)

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  1. Jen permalink
    September 24, 2008 6:12 pm

    You said it!!!!! I agree 100,000% with you and this whole “Twilight” series thing. Maybe in another world or in a past life (haha) it would have been cool, but I HAVE my own “Edward Cullen” and I don’t need anyone else (especially a fictional character!)
    I do sorta think it’s a tiny-bit sick and dangerous for all those moms out there on that website and their little addiction…at least those that are married. ee!
    Anywho, well said, again.

  2. Cristy permalink
    September 24, 2008 9:48 pm

    I have never heard of it…thus, I have no real opinion on that particular book series. I do find that when I hold my dear, sweet, hilarious, good looking husband in the utmost esteem as opposed to comparing him to admirable qualities in other men, I am a much happier woman, and he is a much happier man. For me, that applies to fictional or otherwise. I love that man that God has given me and I want no opportunity for discontentment to creep in.

  3. October 29, 2010 2:47 pm

    Now I get it…I didn’t know or understand before why you didn’t read em. This makes a lot of sense though! 🙂

    As someone who likes Twilight but is also a Christian:
    “beautiful, caring, selfless and so many things more. He’s just awesome.”
    The same could be said for Jesus. 🙂

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