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Thanks, Al Gore!

August 8, 2008
 Not for inventing the internet.  He didn’t say he invented it.  He did, however, take the initiative in creating it.  (If this is accurate.  And if you can’t believe Snopes, who can you believe, really??)  Anyway, I tip my hat to Al Gore for all of his hard work, enabling me to come up with this list of 10.  First, my 5 favorite blogs.  Then, 5 of my favorite websites.  I know you are simply on the edge of your seat for this vital information!!!

Five Favorite Blogs

1.  Obviously, Sounds Like Tomatoes must be mentioned.  I can barely get through one of her posts without actually laughing out loud.  This story had me in stitches.  I like her because she’s real.  That, and she cares about spelling, grammar and punctuation.  She is also a muse of mine — and many others, as she inspired several others to start their own blogs.  You go, girl!

2.  Yes, this is a total MOMMY blog, but I doubt you’ll find a funnier one around.  Because I Said So is written by Dawn, a mom of 6, who gained her throngs of fans from an eBay ad.  Now she is asked to speak about parenting and mommyhood and blogging, and she’s going to have a book out next year!  Not only is she funny, well-spoken, and real (a trait I seem to adore), but she promotes and supports causes that touch her heart, and uses her blog for good.

3.  For kicks and giggles, Cake Wrecks is the way to go!  A whole blog devoted to photos and descriptions of professionally made cakes that didn’t quite turn out the way the buyer intended them to.  As if the photos weren’t enough, the commentary is (searching for another term for hilarious) sidesplitting!  I’d only classify it as NSFW because there is a very good chance you will be laughing out loud and will end up with a crowd around your desk as you show people what exactly is so funny.  Very conspicuous, indeed.

4.  1000 Awesome Things is just that — somebody listing 1000 things that they deem “awesome.”  Don’t be afraid to start this one now, he started at 1000 and is only on #965 — Building a stack of pancakes that looks just like the front of the box.  Some of the things are totally random, others make you say, “YES!  That IS awesome!”  No matter what the topic, though, I am just intrigued to see someone being so consistently clever, and committing to it for 1000 posts.  Awesome!

5.  I’m totally cheating, because my 5th favorite blog isn’t ONE blog, it’s many.  I love my friends’ blogs.  I love going to Google Reader and checking who’s updated, and I’m sad when I see No Unread Items at the top of the page.  It’s just fun to see other family adventures and hear funny stories that you would otherwise miss because you’re miles and miles away. 

Five Favorite Websites

1.  Facebook.  Connecting with old friends and new, playing games, and FLAIR.  I think Flair is what got me completely hooked on Facebook.  However, like my love for blogs, it is so nice to just say, “I wonder how ol’ So-And-So is doing,” and check out their Facebook page.  Just on one page, you can find out their relationship status, political and religious beliefs, and be reminded of their birthday.  You also get a little glimpse into their personality.  Fascinating.  I like MySpace for the same reason (and will be eternally grateful to it for reconnecting me with friends from FBTC), but MySpace doesn’t have Flair.  I need my Flair.

2.’s Free Samples.  I check that routinely.  Go right now and you can get yourself some Serenity pads.  They are always giving those away. 

3.  The Washington Post’s Crosswords & Puzzles section.  I love the game Crickler.  The Husband was playing it and I got hooked.  It’s a different take on the crossword puzzle, and I love it!  I read somewhere that crossword puzzles, word games and games like Sudoku (which The Husband adores) keep your mind sharp.  I aspire to be sharp of mind.

4.  Etsy.  Easiest window shopping EVER.  All handmade items.  I could spend have spent hours just looking at different items.  Jewelry.  Children’s clothes.  Purses.  Soaps.  Candles.  Lip balms!  I am in awe of how creative these people can get!  They make these things with their own hands!!  I can’t even sew a button!

5.  Any website where you can do fun things with your own pictures.  Makeover-o-Matic at iVillage.  Face of the Future, where you can morph your face into several different looks — see what you’d look like as a freaky baby, an Asian, an ape, if you were transformed into the subject of a Botticelli painting.  Even drunk.  And my latest find (thanks to this blog, which has language that I don’t condone but is still clever and funny), PhotoFunia

Oooh!  I'm a work of art!

Oooh! I'm a work of art!

Ack!  We're trapped in a TV!  In 1965!
Ack! We’re trapped in a TV! In 1965!

Thanks again, Mr. Gore.  Much obliged!

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  1. soundsliketomatoes permalink
    August 8, 2008 4:48 pm

    That soundsliketomatoes lady, she is a hoot.

  2. soundsliketomatoes permalink
    August 8, 2008 4:49 pm

    Except, she has some SERIOUS hair issues. Can someone get her a makeover, please?

  3. freebutterfly permalink*
    August 8, 2008 4:51 pm

    All she really needs is Makeover-o-Matic. That’ll solve any problem!

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