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Another ten. Or two fives?

July 22, 2008

Five Things I Don’t Like About Myself

  1. I have silly, girly emotions.  Useless in my opinion.  Practicality should reign.  Alas, I still suffer from those feminine hormones that make me jealous and hurt like I’m 14-years-old, and every time it happens I get thoroughly annoyed.  I want to shake myself or something.  And that’s not easy to do.
  2. I have an extreme desire to work out and tone up before I can create a breeze when I wave, but lack in the willpower department.  It seems like I have to have a reason that feeds to my vanity.  The last time I exercised really well, I was about to be in 2 weddings.  Go figure.  Give me a reason to wear a strappy dress in front of a bunch of people, and apparently it motivates me more than good health and general wellness.  Disgusting.
  3. It is very hard for me to disguise how I really feel.  I’m a pretty good actress, but that doesn’t seem to help when I am thoroughly annoyed or irritated, or just feeling like crap.  And I always look the worst when I want people to leave me the heck alone.   So if I look like I feel bad — you know it, I know it, and the American people know it.  Let it lie.
  4. I’m a snob.  I don’t talk to my neighbors on a regular basis.  I give a little wave and smile, that’s about it. 
  5. I get annoyed when people are surprised, more like shocked, when I’m out without my daughters.  Likewise, I get annoyed when people say, “Is The Husband watching the girls?”  Puh-lease, I can have some free time, and he’s being DADDY, for crying out loud!  Grr.  But I should be more understanding, and I know that.

Five Things I Like About Myself

  1. I can survive on very little sleep.
  2. I am much better at taking criticism than I used to be.  (That’s not an invitation.)
  3. I can make people laugh.
  4. I make a great apple pie.
  5. I am a frugal shopper.
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