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Footloose and Fancy Free

July 18, 2008

Miles and miles (and miles) away from home in San Diego, I sit in a hotel room, fairly certain that in the next room someone is smoking.  Two days were spent playing the part of a tourist, enjoying the gorgeous weather, the scenery, even going as far as to appreciate the architecture.  Two days were spent enjoying total peace and quiet, either reading in the room, or at the pool.  Giggling at people who complained about the humidity.

The Husband and I were even able to go see a movie on a whim.  No planning, no preparation.  Just, “Oh look, there’s a theater, wanna see a movie?”


What’s a vacation without a mishap, though?

It was Tuesday morning and the whole day was ahead of me.  I had plans to meet someone, and being the frugal-minded individual that I am, I knew I could avoid a fee by parking in one area and taking public transportation to my desired destination.  I arrived at the transit center and an officer asked if he could help me.  I told him where I wanted to go, and he told me the Blue Line would get me there.  I purchased my $2 ticket at the kiosk and waited for the trolley (more like a train, really, it runs on tracks).  Two arrived at the same time, one was the Blue Line, the other was Green.  I hopped on the Blue and sat alone, then was joined by a professional looking young woman who went back and forth between reading her book and giggling at text messages. 

I looked up at the map inside the train and noticed that the Blue Line didn’t exactly go to my desired destination unless there was a special event going on.  Hm.  Interesting.  Even more interesting was that I’d be in Tijuana by the end of the trip.  When the reading/text messaging young woman got off, I did as well.  I found another officer and told him where I wanted to go.  Apparently I was supposed to transfer at some point to the Orange Line, and I could do that where I was.  So I did.  And found myself beyond my destination once again, and once again on my way to Mexico.

I chose to sit alone again, then was joined by a gentleman with a beverage and an incredibly smelly sandwich from 7-11.  Then a woman sat across from me who was doodling (quite well), and chuckling at her own creations.  I noticed her jewelry of choice was a candy necklace she’d wrapped twice around her wrist.  It was already melting on to her skin.

I didn’t want to look panicked, I especially didn’t want to look vulnerable, and I looked carefully at the map again.  A man who I thought was a tourist (because he was wearing a San Diego t-shirt and I figured only a tourist would do that) said, “You look lost.”  So much for appearances.  I explained simply that I’d been told twice to get on these particular trains and told him where I was going, and he pointed out the window.  “You want to go get on those,” he said.  I thanked him, hopped off the train, and gracefully stepped across the tracks to the next trolley station. 

Two officers were standing there.  One turned and asked if he could help me and I told him I wanted to be absolutely sure that the train would take me to my desired destination.  “Oh yeah,” he assured me, “or you could walk.” 

I COULD WALK?!?  I blinked at him and asked if he meant I could walk without passing out from exhaustion, and he said yes.  He pointed me on my way, and I found myself walking 1.2 miles through San Diego.  


With all this free time, I feel relaxed and rather de-stressed.  The Husband and I were sitting at dinner and he said I’ve been quiet.  I wondered if maybe this wasn’t the first time he’d ever seen me de-stressed… After all, we were engaged 5 weeks after we met, so then I was a future bride preparing for her wedding.  Her wedding that was happening in less than 4 months.  Then we found out I was pregnant 2 months after we were married.  Then I was a mommy. 

A little time to just be me.  Fancy that.

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  1. candy0108 permalink
    July 18, 2008 1:04 pm

    Great blog I felt I was swept away to San Diego for a moment .. I know the feeling when you don’t have the kids suddenly waiting an hour in the doctors office, grocery line or walking through San Diego suddenly becomes relaxation instead of stress. Imagin doing all that with your two girls now that is a nightmare… glad you had a chance to get away I am secretly jealous…

  2. soundsliketomatoes permalink
    July 18, 2008 2:31 pm

    Gorsh, I would have no idea what to do without little people clinging to me hollering “Mommy! She kicked me!”, “Mommy, she just said POOP!”, “Mommy! I have to pee RIGHT NOW!”…I wonder what it’d be like…

  3. July 19, 2008 8:53 pm

    Hey, there are worse things than heading to Tijuana – you could be lost in LA/Union Station at dusk 🙂 So glad you had fun; I love San Diego.

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